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Home - threadmilling Whirling tools CNC SANPAR

Welcome to our website

Our company seeks to get close to customers through an exemplary system supplies of
services, through which customers can get information at any time, quickly and surely
economic applications of modern tools of information

in threading tools, thread-mills and taps, (micro) thread-mills, (micro) whirlingtools thread-
mills inserts, Threading Inserts from 0.1 mm pitch up to 12 mm, Taps (Extra Long Version)
Forming Taps (fluteless), threading dies (Screwing dies)

in turning tools, groove inserts (for Säger and O-ring)

in twist drill HSSE - PS 55 - PS 105 - solid carbide, high-performance, micro drills from Ø
0.01 mm + / - 5xØ, twist drills 2 to 20 mm, L x Ø 3x, 5x ..., 20x, 30x, 40x, 50x , special twist
drill 67 HRC

in high-performance solid carbide cutting tools, deburrer 90 °, ball nose end mills, slot drill,
high feed corner radius end mill, corner radius end mills, end mill with irregular helix angles,
HPC end mill with irregular indexing, roughing end mill, end mill

in profile-wheels (form-wheels), diamond and CBN, replaced many electric discharge
machining (EDM) machines work, fast and cheap

in measurement metrology, measuring with airflow, 1 mμ. precision, repeat 0.01 mμ,
pneumatic plugs and measuring rings, accuracy 1 mμ, in a closed cycle, with correction data
transfer to CNC controller, with measuring protocol if desired, measuring Central integrated
into production cell, 100% autonomous, 24 hours to 24 hours.

Our priority, the SERVICE, and still the SERVICE

More chips..., more production...

More chips..., more production...

More measuring..., more production...

Sanpar Gurantee Swiss Logo

Sanpar logo

is market leader in carbide cutting tools for threading since two decades.

Our environment, the mastery of carbide; the thread with a pitch from 08 mm or 0 1/32 inch on treadmills and whirling tools

For threading inserts, exclusively with a pitch from 0,10 mm or 0 3/64 inch.


  • Thread mills, chamfer, drill - thread chamfer,
    whirling tools

  • Thread mill inserts

  • Micro-thread mills and micro-whirling tools

  • Triangular threading inserts and tool holders
    for whirling, from Ø 28 mm (Ø 1 7/64’’)

  • Threading inserts for big pitch, from 10 to 24 mm (0 25/64’’ to 0 15/16’’)

  • Threading inserts - turning

  • Turning inserts for grooves

  • Special tools according to drawings

  • CNC Program, ISO language (threading with thread mills))

95% of our tools in our catalogs are in stock

Sanpar logo

is market leader in Diamond and CBN in profiling wheels since
two decades.

Our environment, wheels profiling and fine profiling


  • Diamond and CBN wheels profiling (form)


More production..., more performance...

Sanpar logo

is market leader in est leader in metrology, by air flow measurement
without contact since 1978.

Our environment, the individual, automatic camera, laser and with sensors measurement to full automatic plant, with protocol printout and CNC corrections, in work 24 hours of 24 hours.

  • Pneumatic ring measurement

  • Snap gauge

  • Pneumatic conical plug gauge

  • Pneumatic plug gauge for bind holes

  • Flat surface measurement

  • Flatness measure by airflow

  • Contactless measurement of a blind hole Ø

  • Contactless measurement of the triangulation of a bore

  • Non-contact measurement, determination of an average Ø

  • Measure, with ball contact a blind bore by reversed lever

  • Measure inspection of bores

  • Perpendicular measurement of a bore

  • Straightness measurement of a bore

  • Measurement of the distance form two axis of non-intersecting bores

  • Gauges for multi-position measurement

  • Measurement combined with mechanical and electronic solutions

  • Dynamic measurement with rotation in the calibration unit

  • Control unit for dental implants

  • Measurement unit integrated in a production line in a automotive industry

  • Measurement of engine blocks

  • Measurement of gearbox shafts

  • Control of car camshafts in production line

  • Measurement of connecting rods holes in production line

  • Tester units

  • Sets of automatic measurement with optical, video, laser and other Measurement systems

  • Modular measurement systems

  • Pneumatic air gauge unit

  • Dial gauge-probes, tasters, sensors

  • Columns measuring units

  • Software, measurement programs, Network solutions


More measuring..., more production...